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Package your Vacation for greater savings




From a simple domestic vacation, like beaching it in Florida, to a worldwide journey, purchasing your total travel needs from one travel company can save you significantly. 

The travel "supermarket" can bundle all your needs into wonderful travel packages, offering you for one price, a combination of airfare, transfers, hotels, sighseeing tours, and meals combined with pre-planned itineraries taking you to the places travelers want to see. This not only saves you travel dollars but simplifies your trip from start to finish.

We deal with many tried and true travel companies and we pride ourselves on matching your needs to their offerings.

Travel companies can offer a wide range of travel, from economy to deluxe, for the experienced to the novice traveler, and itineraries to please either the active or the leisurely, maybe even a combination of them all!

As diverse as the word is, so are travel companies and that is why we are pleased to guide you during your travel process.


Compared with creating your own vacation, you could save 45% or more! Here’s how:


• Escorted tours are often priced 15% - 20% below what it would cost you to arrange the same itinerary on your own.
• All tour companies offer many incentives and price breaks. These can often be combined and valued at discounts upwards of 15% of the tour cost. 
And to top it off we charge no service fee to you.